Lou Martin’s Tunebook - List of Tunes

Ace of Spades, Aldridge’s Hornpipe, Äppelbo gånglåt (Swedish tune), Big John McNeill, Bill’s Hornpipe (by Lou Martin), Carolina Mountain Rag, Chippewa Breakfast, Cronin’s Hornpipe, Eel in the Sink, Golden Eagle Hornpipe, High Level Hornpipe, Hogs in the Tater Patch, Horse and Buggy, Hull’s Victory, Indian Creek, Jack of Diamonds, Jackson’s Reel, Jacques Cartier, James Kelly’s, Jenny Nettle’s Fancy, John Doherty’s Fancy, La Ronfleuse Gobeil, Leveneep Head, Limerock, Long Fork of Buckthorn, Mackilmoyle Reel, McDermott’s Reel, Morpeth Rant, O’Reilly’s Greyhound, Over the Waterfall, Oyster River, Pacific Slope, Paddy Fahey’s Reel (Paddy Fahey’s #1), Paddy Fahey’s #2, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, President Lincoln’s Hornpipe, Rannie MacLellan’s, Rickett’s Hornpipe, Saint Patrick’s Day in the Morning, Sally Gardens, Shaking Off the Acorns, Snowflake Breakdown, Split the Whisker, Spootiskerry Reel, Sweeney’s Hornpipe, The Boys of Bluehill, The Broken Pledge, The Concert Reel, The Cup of Tea, The Duke of Leinster, The Dunmore Lassies, The Humours of Tullycreen, The Kincora Jig, The New Coined Guinea, The Nine Points of Roguery, The Piper Through The Meadow Straying, The Pride of Petravore, The Red Haired Lass, The Red Heckle, The Rights of Man, The Spey in a Spate, The Tinker’s Daughter, The Windmill, The Yellow Tinker, Tobin’s Favorite, Tom and Jerry, Tom Billy’s, Tommy Peoples’ - Bm, Tommy Peoples’ - D, Tommy Peoples’ - G, Tugboat, Uncle Henry’s, Vinton’s Hornpipe, Western Gem, Yellow Barber (traditional melody), Yellow Barber (some ideas to work with), Double ( J.S. Bach)