Emma’s Choice - List of Tunes

Ambrose’s Pastoral, Anacreon in Heaven, The Badajoz Quickstep, Bannockburn, The Berks of Endermay, Bonanza, Calabria, Caledonian Hunt, Captain Perry’s Hornpipe, Carolan’s Receipt, Decatur’s Hornpipe, Dorset Waltz, Durang’s Hornpipe, Duxbury Hornpipe, Emma’s Choice, French Country Dance, General Washington’s March, Giles Scroggins, Harrison’s Celebrated Reel, Italian Air, Kitty in the Lane, Kreith’s Waltz, La Cythere, La Pipe Tabac, La Smirne, Madame Parisott’s Hornpipe, Menage’s Hornpipe, Miss Adam’s Hornpipe, Miss Johnston’s, Miss Stuart’s, Mrs. Magillicuddy, Nelson’s Hornpipe, Neil Gow’s Wife, On Afric’s Wide Plains, Paddy on the Railroad, Parker’s Hornpipe, Peatie’s Mill, Pinkey House, Pushee’s Hornpipe, Racketty Jack’s, Shelty’s Pipes, Silent Oh Moyle, The Spanish Slipper, Stephano Returns from Hunting, Surry Hornpipe, Temperance Reel, Texarkana Hornpipe, Traipsing the Hall (by Lou Martin), White Cockade, White Star, Yacht Club, The Yorkshire Bite